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Is Wierenga ICT affiliated with CT-NetService ?

Wierenga ICT is a new company founded by Martin Wierenga. After years of working for CT-NetService I have decided to start my own business. The brand name CT-NetService is sometimes used to refer to old systems, packages or subscriptions.

I need support for ``Secure Unlimited Webhosting`` ?

We have migrated all previous webhosting to our new platform and we are happy to help you in any way when you need support. Login to your Client Area to see all options.

Client Area
How do I check my products and services ?

We have made big investments into our Client Area. Login to the Client Area and you can find everything you need related to your products and services. Need more support? Open a ticket right from the support section in your Client Area.

Open Ticket
Are your servers still in the UK ?

Yes, our servers (main infrastructure) are still located in the UK. We now do offer dedicated IP-addresses for other countries. We are planning to expand our infrastructure soon to multiple locations which you can choose from if needed.

What happens to Cloud PBX ?

The Cloud PBX is still a major product we offer to our clients. We are still a 3CX Certified Partner to offer you the best pricing and support. Current phone systems will run on our new infrastructure making it even faster and phone numbers will be kept. We do offer phone numbers from various countries to expand your point of presence if needed.

Do I need to pay again for my current subscription ?

No! All current subscriptions coming from CT-NetService are upgraded as a service to our current ``Webhosting Premium`` packages without additional costs. After the term expired you pay the pricing for this package.

Are there any changes between the old and new webhosting ?

Yes! We are very happy to announce that our new webhosting is 35x faster than traditional webhosting, 7x faster than SSD webhosting and that's not all. All our new packages come with features included which you would pay for at other hosting companies. Check out our webhosting packages here to see it at a glance.

How do we contact Wierenga ICT ?

Same way you always did or use our Dutch contact details. We have made sure old contact details are still working and will be forwarded, which after you will receive new details.

IT management and support, do you still offer this ?

Offcourse! Our core-business still is IT management & support. We offer extensive services to support your business to make sure it will run effecient and up to the latest standards.

I can't find my question here, how do I find it ?

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for on this page, don't worry. We have an extensive knowledgebase to help you. Offcourse you can always contact us directly by email or phone.